When to seek psychotherapy?

Most visitors who seek assistance consciously through psychotherapy and counseling are those who quickly are guided through their goals for improvement. Other visitors, because of their distorted and false interpretations of the notion of “psychotherapy”, avoid seeking help, causing their problems to worsen and eventually reach a dead end. The right of choice is an inalienable right of every person and specifically, even if one has rejected the offer of help, it would be good to think that he has nothing to lose by trying, and a different form of assistance.

Overcoming your concern about seeking help is ‘Worth’ it.

This is because if at some point the quality of your life is not what you want, then psychotherapy can help improve it.
The signs which indicate that psychotherapy can benefit you:

• Feeling overwhelmed, helpless and sad.
• Your problems do not improve, despite all your efforts, and despite the efforts of your family and friendly environment.
• It is difficult to concentrate on your responsibilities or your daily routine.
• You worry excessively, expect the worst or are continuously upset.
• Grow potentially risky behaviors (alcohol consumption or drug use, etc.) that harm you and others around you

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