What is a psychotherapy approach?

Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RECBT) is one of the “Cognitive” psychotherapy approaches in the field of ​​psychology. It is a comprehensive, energetic, philosophical and empirically based approach that focuses on solving emotional and behavioral difficulties and mental-psychological dysfunctions in order to enable people to take responsibility of their “change” for a more healthy and happy life.

Father of this approach is the American psychologist Albert Ellis, PhD (1913-2007), who was inspired by Greek philosophers to develop the psychotherapeutic approach in 1950.

The basic principle of RECBT is that people unwillingly contribute to their emotional disturbance due to demanding beliefs. Moreover, events do not cause unhealthy emotions and dysfunctional behaviors, but our beliefs-thoughts in relation to the events do, which as a result triggers a negative, unhealthy emotion or many emotions

Mainly, the RECBT model is applied at the center “OriZo”, but the team’s aim is to implement a therapeutic model which adapts to the visitor’s needs in the best possible way. Psychotherapy is carried out through various approaches, where each one equipts therapists with tools for the optimal provision of mental health services, among which are the Cognitive Therapies (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Therapy), Psychoanalysis, Systemic Therapy, Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy etc.

Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is supported by valid scientific literature. It is intended to provide a philosophical shift, beyond temporary improvement, aiming to provide visitors with practices and tools in such a way that they can then apply these practices themselves in their future emotional or behavioral obstacles .