Youth Counseling

Youth Counseling

Youth Counseling | Counseling & Psychotherapy Center "OriZo"

Adolescent counseling is included in individual psychotherapy. Procedurally it has no differences from individual psychotherapy, but the therapist needs to utilize further and different skills when working with an adolescent because of their age and the need to approach them differently. The purpose of adolescent counseling is for adolescents to engage in the therapy process to develop and enhance their mental health, as well as build on skills necessary for their development into adults along with the help of the therapist. It is common along with adolescent counseling or psychotherapy for their parents or guardians to engage in parent counseling in order for the results of the change to reproduce holistically.

The first step to initiate adolescent counseling is for a parent to contact us in order to schedule an appointment. Perhaps, during the first session, the parent may be present. You will be asked to provide some information about yourself and describe the issue at hand in order to receive the proper direction and treatment. During the first session with the adolescent, there is time to build on alliance and discuss the issue (in the case that the adolescent does not want to be in the session, the therapist investigates this and with specialized techniques helps him/her open up and feel secure). Also, the therapist then will be able to answer any of your questions regarding your adolescence.

It is important to us for a strong alliance to be built with the adolescent in order to reach the best possible outcome for the enhancement of his/her mental health. Close to the end of the session, if the adolescent decides to continue, then he/she commits to the therapy process, and all communication will be continued and maintained with the adolescent him/her self. By maintaining contact and arrangements with the adolescent, then he/she improves the sense of responsibility and takes on the therapy process. Usually, sessions are weekly and last approximately an hour.

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