Parent Counseling

Parent Counseling

Parent Counseling | Counseling & Psychotherapy Center "OriZo"

Parent counseling is a service that is provided to parents in order to help them evolve to as best as possible more happy parents in terms of their children’s upbringing.

When a person acquires the role of a parent, he/she carries with his/her personal, childhood experiences which will influence their own child’s upbringing.

There is no parent education prior to becoming a parent, in some cases, a parent may experience anxiety, frustration, and feel overwhelmed with his/her role. Parent counseling is a way that parents can understand why they do what they do and reach a deeper understanding of themselves.

Through parent counseling, parents are equipped with techniques for the ultimate upbringing of their children and it is a service that provides support to parents who face difficulties with their role as a parent.

In order to initiate parent counseling, please contact us and arrange an appointment. You will be asked to provide some initial information to our center in order to assess the case and decide whether the center is your best option. Following, you will meet with a therapist in person or online for a clinical assessment session where you will have the chance to build an alliance with the therapist and share important, relevant information about yourself and your partner, as well as the reasons why you are seeking help. Furthermore, the therapist will be able to answer any questions concerning the center’s services, costs, confidentiality, and what to expect from the course of therapy.

We are interested in establishing a collaborative relationship with parents in order together to decide what kind of therapy is best for them. However, not everyone continues to receive services from our center. We make decisions based on what is best for each parent.

Towards the end of the first session, if it is decided to move forward, a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged in order to conduct the sessions (typically, sessions are weekly and each session is an hour in length). During the second session, personal and therapeutic goals will be discussed, as well as therapeutic interventions.

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