Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy | Counseling & Psychotherapy Center "OriZo"

Family therapy is based on the family, it refers to issues that arise amongst family members and helps them improve their communication and conflict resolution.

Family therapy is usually short-term (two to six sessions). All members of the family may be present or just the members that are able to attend or those who are willing to participate. Each family treatment plan depends on the family situation, the degree of difficulty of each problem, and the special needs of each family.

Through family therapy, the members are trained to deepen skills in order to strengthen family relationships and deal with difficult and stressful times. Family therapy will help you and your family to understand one another better and bring you closer together.

In order to initiate family therapy, contact us, and arrange an appointment. You will be asked to provide some initial information about you and your family. Following, you will meet with a therapist in person or online for a clinical assessment session where you will have the chance to build an alliance with the therapist and share important, relevant information about yourself, your family, as well as the reasons why you are seeking counseling services. Furthermore, the therapist will be able to answer any questions concerning the center’s services, costs, confidentiality, and what to expect from the course of therapy.

The therapeutic goal depends on the “therapeutic alliance” which is built during the first session and is developed during the consequent sessions, in order for a better therapeutic approach to be developed, on an individual basis.

Towards the end of the first session, if it is decided to move forward, a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged in order to conduct the sessions (typically, sessions are weekly and each session’s duration is 60-75 minutes).

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