Like a medical examination includes an open discussion amongst the doctor and the patient and the administration of an official assessment through special tests, likewise a clinical assessment is a process in which a specialized therapist assesses the visitor’s psychological, emotional and behavioral well being through an open discussion with the therapist and the administration of questionnaires.

The process of clinical assessment includes the following:

1. A series of person to person interviews during which the therapist meets with the visitor (in some cases with family members as well) in order to formulate a comprehensive case conceptualization of the visitor’s emotional and behavioral status, thoughts and coping mechanisms in relation to life’s difficulties.

2. The administration of one or more psychometric tools to complete by the visitor, of which the results will be useful qualitatively for analysis by the therapist for the general well-being conceptualization.
With the above information, the therapist can deliver an appropriate diagnosis and collaborate with the visitor and/or his/her family in order to set goals and develop an effective therapeutic plan for positive change.

If a doctor, an educator or any other specialist has referred you for a clinical/psychological assessment (sometimes it is called “psychometric assessment”), your first step is to contact us and arrange an appointment. The initial assessment will last approximately two hours. You will meet with a clinical therapist of our center in order to discuss your background and the reasons why you are seeking an assessment. At the end of the assessment, the clinical therapist will provide you with options for the next steps and payment options if it is agreed to move forward.

In order to book an appointment, please contact us at +30 28210 52119 or at