Counseling and Psychotherapy Center "OriZo" -  Mesogeion Avenue 472 & Dimitras 2, Agia Paraskevi, 15343, Attica - Greece, Tel.: +30 2114084366

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Counseling & Psychotherapy Center


The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center "OriZo" provides mental health services to children, adolescents, adults & parents by a scientific team of professionals. The center's purpose is to promote scientific evidence based practice in alliance with the code of ethics of psychology and psychotherapy. The center maintains the confidentiality and the appropriate trust necessary throughout all communication among professional and client.

The center's scientific team is comprised of trained professionals specialized in various areas such as Eating Disorders, Social-Emotional Difficulties, Bullying & Cyber Bullying, Behavioral Dysfunctions, Internet Addiction etc.

The center maintains collaboration with a Psychiatrist, Special Pedagogue, Speech Therapist, Nutritionist & Pediatrician in order to provide holistic interventions and offer choices depending on the needs of each visitor.




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