Counseling and Psychotherapy Center "OriZo" -  Mesogeion Avenue 472 & Dimitras 2, Agia Paraskevi, 15343, Attica - Greece, Tel.: +30 2114084366

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Counseling & Psychotherapy Center


Welcome to "OriZo" Center

The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center "OriZo" provides mental health services to adults, couples, parents, and adolescents by a scientific team of professionals. The center's purpose is to promote scientific evidence based practice in alliance with the code of ethics of psychology and psychotherapy. The center maintains the confidentiality and the appropriate trust necessary throughout all communication among professional and client.

The center maintains collaboration with a Psychiatrist, Special Pedagogue, Speech Therapist, Nutritionist & Pediatrician in order to provide holistic interventions and offer choices depending on the needs of each visitor.


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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy (also called "individual psychotherapy" or "individual counseling") is a process in which a visitor works together with a specialized therapist/ psychotherapists/ counselor. The environment where the sessions occur is safe, compassionate, professional and confidential, maintaining all ethical foundations of psychology...


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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a process in which a small group of people, which usually consists of six to ten members, meet in person in order to discuss a specific topic that troubles all members of the group...


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Family Therapy

Family therapy is based on the family, it refers to issues which arise amongst family members and helps them improve their communication and conflict resolution.

Family therapy is usually short-term (two to six sessions). All members of the family may be present or just the members that are able to attend or those who are willing to participate. Each family treatment plan depends on the family situation, the degree of difficulty of each problem and the special needs of each family...


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Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is a process in which a couple works with a specialized therapist in order to identify areas of conflict and aspects of their relationship which they would like to change and then develop an action plan to improve satisfaction of each individual in the relationship...


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Parental Counseling

Parent counseling is a service which is provided to parents in order to help them evolve to as best as possible more happy parents in terms of their children's upbringing.

When a person acquires the role of a parent, he/she carries with his/her personal, childhood experiences which will influence their own child's upbringing...


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Youth Counseling

Adolescent counseling is included in individual psychotherapy. Procedurally it has no differences from individual psychotherapy, but the therapist needs to utilize further and different skills when working with an adolescent because of their age and the need to approach them differently...


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Clinical Assessment

Like a medical examination includes an open discussion amongst the doctor and the patient and the administration of an official assessment through special tests, likewise a clinical assessment is a process in which a specialized therapist assesses the visitor's psychological, emotional and behavioral well being through an open discussion with the therapist and the administration of questionnaires...


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Psychotherapy via Skype

With the advancements of technology, we can engage in psychotherapy sessions via the online platform Skype. Through Skype the session is live, with video and audio sources, while everything else is the same, just as if we were in person and having our session...


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