Friend tips

How to show support?

Being a friend is an honor and spectacular to experience. It is an unconditional relationship; it is a choice relationship. We choose our friends and we choose the friend we want to be for others. Being “there” for someone means being physically present and emotionally present and most importantly, being “you” present. Your support will be shown and received from your friend by offering your hand (physical/practical support – showing up, answering calls and texts, running errands with them) and by offering your ears, eyes & voice (emotional support – listening without changing the subject or turning the conversation to what you want to say, engaging in listening or discussion and taking turns talking, looking at your friend and not your phone, offering advice when asked for it or knowing when and what your friend needs, saying your opinion but when it will benefit your friend, modeling emotional expression by reaching out, saying what bothers you, talking about your feelings and thoughts, being open and truthful, and simply put being you…). Offering and receiving friend support is a unique experience which is very important for our existence and being.

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