Self-help tips

How to self-accept?

Notice how we are lenient with others, forgiving, and understanding? How about trying that for yourself? Difficult, huh? Try talking about someone else and then talk about yourself. Obviously, what you say will be different because you and someone else are different people but notice that for yourself you will start off with the “bad” and for others you will start with the “good”. It is easier to accept someone else than to accept ourselves because we innately have the feeling of self-responsibility. You are not responsible for the other person so you do not have that burden or pressure of being “perfect”. Whereas, you are responsible for yourself so you will start off with the bad because you are responsible for that bad stuff. Accept you for you like you accept others for who they are. If you don’t like something about you, change it, redefine it, modify it. You are not a tree, stuck in one place, you can move spots. Surprise! A tree, even though it can’t move, grows, breaks, changes color and appearance and stays in exactly the same spot! You, however, can move, change, and improve yourself. A tree accepts itself, be like a tree, accept you…

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