Work tips

How to be more productive?

Three words: organization, time management, and utilizing skills. OK, those were five words, but you get the point! To get stuff done and being productive to do them, you firstly need to be organized. What needs to get done? Why does it need to get done? Start from the beginning like the task being a flight of stairs, to get to the top of the stairs you need to start by walking up the first step. Then, how much time does each step need? Maybe, completing one task step will accommodate two or three more steps, so focus on the step, which will eliminate more steps time-wise. Allow time for each step, avoid shortcuts because you may trip and fall down back like two or three steps. Know what you are best at, what you have already mastered, not what you don’t know how to do. There aren’t one-way best fits all cases, so each of us has their own skillset, which can produce the same results but with a different combination. Some people step harder or louder on steps and others softer and quietly, but they walk up the steps in the end. It’s all about knowing what you can do best to get your end result or walk up all the steps to the second floor.

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