The Center

The Center's Logo

The center’s logo is based on the concepts of complexity and uniqueness. Each human is complex because among others incorporates a brain complex of basic patterns which is comprised of thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions, beliefs, wishes, behaviors, etc. The uniqueness of each person is expanded to genetic & phenotypical similarities and differences with others. However, the core components of each person are unique, since combined there is no exact copy of the whole idiosyncrasy of another person, just like our fingerprints!

Therefore, the association of the concepts of complexity and uniqueness describes the journey that the center’s visitors will embark on and whoever decides to select the center as their co-traveler. The two concepts conjoin and are placed among their only common link, the brain…

Finally, the colors used for the logo are related to psychology, imagination, spirituality, deeper thinking (purple) & calmness, peace, liveliness, well being, protection and emotional healing (green).

Center’s Brand Name

The word orizo (define) in the Greek language means “provide accurately the qualitative, the quantitative, the local or the chronological limits for something”. The center divides the word into three others… orizo (define), oria (limits) & zo (live-exist)! For that reason, the center’s name is OriZo, in order to emphasize the words oria (limits) and zo (live-exist), which combined form the initial word orizw (define).

The center’s name was chosen for the flexibility of the word orizo (define). Each visitor perceives his/her limits and life (from the verb live/exist) uniquely and the center’s purpose is to help them “define” new or format old limits in their life as they wish with the guidance of mental health professionals.

Also, the word orizo refers to the personal responsibility that each visitor assumes in relation to the therapy he/she will follow. It is important to know that whoever decides to begin therapy, the fullest extent of change derives from his/her effort and commitment to therapy. The therapist collaborates with the visitor to provide guidance, direction, and the means to achieve their goals.